Battle of the Sexes!!

Research shows that men are more likely to misfuel than women.
No matter who does it, be prepared to dig deep to get the diesel vehicle fixed.

“It was about 9pm. I was pregnant, nauseous and very very tired. My husband had JUST completed a gruelling two-day multisport event. All that was left to do was fill the borrowed ute with fuel, and head to the holiday house we had rented for the weekend. And that’s when hubby realised he had put petrol into the borrowed diesel ute. I am embarrassed to say it now, but  I remember  I began to cry! Neither of us had the energy or brain power to deal with the problem. We called our roadside help company, and the nice man helped us out while I stayed huddled in the cab hoping I wouldn’t throw up. Hideous!

Hayley Redpath, Matawai 

I was a nurse back then, and I had just finished a nightshift at the hospital when I decided to refuel. Our car was fairly new, and I filled it myself at the petrol station. But I put petrol into the diesel tank. I didn’t even know I had done it. I drove out and then putt putt putt, it stopped. I was almost home so it wasn’t a huge problem that morning. But it became a huge problem later on because getting the problem fixed meant we had no car for a while. We had two young children and were reduced to using public transport. It cost about $300 to get the car towed, the lines flushed, and the petrol drained.

Jason Ward, Central Hawke’s Bay

 “I started a new job in vehicle sales and on my first day was given a company car which was a small car with a diesel engine. For me that was an unusual combination. At the end of my first day I left work in heavy rain and had to go directly to a gas station where I filled the car. I inadvertently put petrol in it because it seemed like the obvious thing to do given it was just a small car (which in my experience would normally have a petrol engine). As soon as I pulled out of the gas station the car stuttered and stopped. I immediately realized what I’d done and I was mortified. I had to walk back to the dealership in the pouring rain and it cost the company a lot of money to rectify the damage done by running petrol through the system.

Cameron Brock, Palmerston North