The Inventor


“Like many British inventors, I kept the innovation to myself until I had worked out much of the detail, striving for perfection while it was still a concept.”


Diesel Head is the brainchild of British inventor Lee Steadman.

He started thinking about the motoring invention after his own misfuelling disaster.

Afterwards he learned many friends had misfuelled at one time or another. “Motivated, I set about inventing a proper product that a vehicle owner or operator could fit and forget consigning misfuelling to the dustbin of motoring history.”

Steadman is a commercial inventor and at just 25 patented a golf training device allowing golfers to practice their drives with no more than 15 feet of space. Sensors record and evaluate how far the ball would have flown and its direction.

Steadman says he grew up in a household where everyone was solving mechanical problems or challenges. His grandfather owned a sheet metal company which prompted his own father, and then himself, to have a practical eye for solutions to the challenges of modern life.

“We were brought up in an environment where constantly questioning, developing and improving were the norms, not the expectations.”